Posted on Feb 2, 2021

Web Studio Lab Ltd

I think...

I hear people use the expression "I think..." in conversation when expressing their point of view, or when engaging in discussing ideas.

But how often do we really think...? Think for ourselves...?

How often is this based on our own searching and knowledge and understanding?

The creative space allows some flexibility for using this skill. However, thinking takes time and often means going through mental exhaustion to arrive at a conclusion.

It generally is accompanied with testing and re-testing.
Developing paths that seem to go somewhere... and then a u-turn is necessary to get back on track.

The benefits of exploring this are apparent in what we see around us. Everything that we use required a mind to go through a process to actualise it.

So too - there is no excuse why we should not also use this skill in planning our business path. Both in the short and long term.
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