Posted on Apr 12, 2021

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Too many cooks…

With a set amount of ingredients, following the same step-by-step guidelines, it is evident that different cooks will still manage to create different tasting final results.

If one thinks about it, we realise that the cook is kind of a designer … an engineer if you will. Putting different elements together in a way that they know how.

Looking up the historical definition of an engineer one finds its origin in the late 14 Century - meaning ‘to design, devise’. This was clearly before any such engines that we know of - therefore must relate to forms of production other than what we are used to. Consequently we could apply this definition for so many other activities that people do. Including cooking!

There is a process, a trial and error mechanism, a learning curve, an embrace from experience and more… as we ‘engineer’ different things in work and life.

Whilst this terminology is nowadays closely related to advancing technologies, we can leave a thought that there is also a connection that people can have in other areas which are no less incredible.

What follows from this, is the comparative relationship between activities, so that those who are not expert in one thing can still appreciate another.
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