Posted on Feb 18, 2019

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Business Cards

Are these becoming obsolete today? I still have them, and others from people that I have swapped with. And I am sure other people rack up piles themselves. But how necessary are they? I was having a discussion with someone who was insistent that they are an important part of a business marketing arsenal. Where they are retained, means that your memory is with the holder of your card, who can easily find you and call for your service.

However, we cannot ignore the shift of the personal profile onto online databases. A place such as LinkedIn fills this role of being a resume and business card.

Another thing to consider is what happens after meeting people who gave you their business card? Normally one is prone to check out their website and online portfolio! This should be evidence as to where our minds are headed. There is still a use for exchanging cards on a face to face level - it is more a question of the weight that we place on this medium.
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